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Alpaca wool pellets - the natural fertilizer made from wool

Alpaca wool pellets - the natural fertilizer made from wool

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Alpaca wool pellets are made from a mixture of the wool of our alpacas from the Einberghof and sheep's wool. The lanolin of the sheep's wool serves as "glue".
The pellets are a natural fertilizer with a long-term effect, suitable for fruit trees, ornamental trees, vegetables and potted and ornamental plants.
- Long-term effect, only one application per season necessary
- Water absorption up to 3.5 times its own weight
- 100% Regenerative
- Soil loosening
- Healthy plant growth, strong flowers
- activates the natural soil biology
- versatile, also against soil acidification
Fruit and ornamental trees approx. 70-140g per tree
Vegetables about 50-150g/m²
Potted and ornamental plants 10g per liter of substrate
- Total nitrogen (N) 11%
- Potassium Oxide (K₂O) 5%
- Total sulfur (S) 2%
- organic substances
As this is a natural product, the values ​​given may be subject to slight fluctuations.

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